3 Topics I Learned More About In 2014 With 10 Links I Discovered As A Result

Reflecting back on 2014 it has been a great year for my own personal development. I went on courses, attend lots of webcasts but above all I learned a ton of stuff on the job, we are lucky to have a truly great collaborative environment to work in. Some of this I shared on blog posts throughout the year more of it I will publish in 2015. For now I have picked my own favourite  links I discovered during the year.

Hybrid Cloud

 Deploying  SQL Server on EHC will become so much easier


With more to come in the future


With some of the great business benefits explained here


Vcloud – I attended this course a great learning experience



Software Defined Storage was new to me


(actually my boss did a great job at white boarding SDS but I don’t have a link to this)

The path to storage can be more complex than I ever knew


In SQL Server

I learnt a lot about running SQL Server on XtremIO


I had to get deeper with spin locks


Columstore keeps getting better


Finally …

RestAPIs are awesome and EMC has a great community



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