VMware ESX 4.1 Server

When I attempted to remove  remove a virtual switch using the vSphere Client I kept getting the following error

“HostNetworkSystem.UpdateNetworkConfig” for object “networkSystem” failed


To resolve the issue I deleted the configuration from the console using the command

esxcfg-vswitch –d <virtual switch name>


Trying to utilise all a Physical Servers CPU’s of one host in VMware


Our  VMware vSphere 4 Enterprise license covers us for for 2 physical CPUs (1-6 cores per CPU), we are running it on a 2 CPU x 4 core box giving us 8 virtual CPU’s  but as we discovered we can only allocate 4 virtual CPU’s per host. image

TO resolve this we would have to purchase an Enterprise Plus license per cpu for a 2 cpu server.  In fact to enable failover and VM ware high availability features we would also need to purchase a set of licences for an additional server.

We are currently  evaluating the best way to provide a high availability SQL Server environment. At the moment we are using  MSCS we felt we may be able to better utilise server resources if we could move SQL Server to VMware but this may not  be justifiable given the license costs of  Enterprise Plus

VMware have a KB about it here http://www.vmware.com/products/vsphere/buy/editions_comparison.html

VMware also have a Compare vSphere Editions chart at